I believe that everyone can live a long healthy and happy life by looking after self.

I am Professor Robert Kelly, Consultant Cardiologist and Lifestyle Medicine Physician at Beacon Hospital, Dublin, Ireland.

I am interested in all aspects of heart disease from prevention to healthy longevity. I have special expertise in imaging / cardiac CT, coronary angiography, and stenting. I am interested in risk factor assessment and the management of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, angina, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, and obesity.

I am a Certified Lifestyle Medicine physician and I integrate the tools (managing addictions, like smoking, taking exercise, healthy eating, sleep hygiene, Stress reduction and social connection) into Cardiology patient care and chronic disease management.

I am a graduate of RSCI University of Health Sciences, Dublin, Ireland; I am internationally trained in Cardiology in Ireland, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee Scotland UK, Antrim Area Hospital, Northern Ireland, and University of North Carolina Hospital, Chapel Hill North Carolina, USA.

I am MD MBA. I completed MBA at Henley Business School, Reading UK in 2013. I am an innovator and health entrepreneur. I am a Medical Advisor to several health technology and start-up companies.

I have an interest in exponential technologies in healthcare. I actively use new digital technologies and social media as part of patient care. These include chronic disease management and cardiology platforms and monitors.

I run an online health coaching business as part of my drrobertkelly Cardiology Practice.

I am a Fellow of Royal College of Physicians in Ireland, Fellow of American College of Cardiology and Fellow of European Society of Cardiology.

I am a Board member of the European Lifestyle Medicine Organization.

I am Co-founder of the Irish Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

I am a member of British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and American College of Lifestyle Medicine I am Medical Director for Lifestyle Health and Well-being at Beacon Hospital, Dublin.

I am a Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Coach, I am a Certified BJ Fogg Tiny Habits Coach.

I am a Member of the Institute of Coaching.

My Approach

I employ a Whole Heart Health approach for treating all my patients. This means treating the patient as well as the disease. It includes Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine.

I strongly advocate lifestyle interventions as part of treating and preventing heart disease. This is based on evidence-based studies showing reversal of diabetes, improvements in blood pressure and cholesterol levels, stress reduction and recovery, sleep improvements that reduce risk of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. 80% of chronic diseases are caused by lifestyle factors – all are potentially preventable and reversible, by modifying behaviors. Changing your lifestyle can save your life.

I am a board-certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician with an interest in this area for almost 10 years.

Lifestyle medicine is evidence based medical specialty that prevents, treats, and reverses chronic diseases such as those that lead to heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and premature death.

My interest in this area stems from the reality that stents or surgery alone do not cure heart disease. Medications help to lower risk but do not address lifestyle behaviors nor do they treat sleep, stress, social connection, or physical inactivity.

Making The Change

There is powerful medical data to show that changing human behavior can change heart disease risks and outcomes. Having a burning desire to improve your health is the starting step. Otherwise, you must accept the consequences of not doing anything for your health and the risks of premature death and illness that may bring.
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From Prevention to Cure
Chronic stress, poor sleep and recovery have reached epidemic levels. Poor eating habits and inactivity are universal challenges. This will lead to more physical illnesses like heart disease. Treating and reversing this epidemic is possible using Lifestyle medicine tools.

My mission is to cure as many people as possible all over the world of heart risk through medical, interventional and lifestyle management.
Cardiac and Lifestyle Testing
I am sub-specialty trained in Intervention Cardiology and I perform Coronary Angiograms, invasive imaging, IVUS, FFR and stenting, Heart Monitor implants and Cardioversion for A Fib. I do Cardiac CT imaging, stress, and physiological testing.
I see patients in my clinic at Beacon Hospital in Dublin and am accessible online / over the phone for patients in Ireland who cannot get to my office. I provide information (not treatment) online to people living abroad.
Heart Health
Isee anyone who has concerns about their heart health, has symptoms, or wants advice about managing their risks and treatments for heart disease. I am also interested in longevity and heart health, women's heart health, heart health in elderly and Long Covid.
I enjoy delivering workshops, webinars, habits coaching, doing public talks in Cardiology & Lifestyle Medicine. I teach students, doctors, nurses, and all healthcare professionals in Ireland and around the world.
I write articles in Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine for Irish and International Newspapers, and Lifestyle magazines. I have been interviewed on National Radio and TV programs to discuss heart and lifestyle health. I am active on social media sharing educational and health content.