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The purpose of this course is to reverse risk factors that cause chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol.
Stents/ Bypass surgery and / or medication can only do so much until you make real changes immediately in your daily lifestyle.

Smoking, drug use, drinking too much alcohol, poor diet, inactivity, poor sleep, stress, isolation and loneliness increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes and premature death by 15-30%. They also cause cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Lifestyle medicine is an area of medicine that prevents, treats and potentially reverses your chronic diseases and risk factors. It may be possible to come off some of your medications by following the program.

An intensive lifestyle medicine program will inevitably help you feel much better, more energetic and in control of your health and your future now.

Don’t put this off. Looking after your health keeps you well and adds to a successful, long and happy life. It is up to you.

Completing This Health Improvement Program can help you to:

Defeat bad habits
Find your path in life
Avoid burnout & exhaustion
Join a community
Get Inner peace
Recognise your true potential
Be a better colleague
Become healthier and happier

Learn how small, achievable steps create huge change.

Professor Robert Kelly's Health Improvement Program is designed to show even the busiest professionals that positive life change is achievable for everyone. One step at a time.
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What you can expect

from Professor Robert Kelly's Health Improvement Program
From the number 1 Lifestyle Medicine Doctor and Cardiologist Professor Robert Kelly.
Join a community of people that will keep you consistent and accountable on this new path.
Become a healthier, happier person, full of energy and burning desire to live a more fulfilling and healthy life.
Dr. Robert Kelly has helped over 10,000 people live longer, happier and healthier lives.
He has an 80% success rate in helping people succeed by creating change through his coaching.
No. 1
Dr. Robert Kelly is a leading cardiologist with over 30 years experience.

Key features of This Health Improvement Program

Professor Robert Kelly's Health Improvement Program is delivered completely online, allowing participants to access the  materials and resources at their convenience. This flexibility ensures that busy professionals can fit  the program into their schedules without added stress or disruptions.

Professor Robert Kelly's Health Improvement Program addresses multiple aspects of well-being, recognizing the interconnectedness of healthy eating, sleep quality, stress reduction, and physical activity. By targeting these areas simultaneously, participants can experience a well-rounded improvement in their overall health and well-being.

Participants will set personalized goals specific to healthy eating, sleep  quality, stress reduction, and physical activity. They will monitor their progress through an intuitive online platform, allowing them to track their achievements and adapt their habits over time.

Participants will be connected online with Dr. Robert Kelly who will provide personalized  guidance, support, and accountability throughout the program.

Following the evidence-based Tiny Habits methodology developed by Dr. BJ Fogg, participants will learn how to implement small, achievable steps in each of the targeted areas. This approach ensures that participants can make gradual and sustainable changes that integrate seamlessly into their daily lives.

The program provides a wealth of resources, including meal plans, recipe suggestions, sleep hygiene techniques, stress reduction exercises, and guided workout videos. These resources are designed to support participants in their journey towards improved well-being.

We identify your vision, set big goals and teach you new habits to turn around and transform your health forever. 

This program runs for 8-10 weeks. Video learning is accessed online and you watch a video each night for 10 days and complete the exercises. I coach the group every week on Zoom. I also interact on a WhatsApp private group.
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Don’t put this off. Looking after your health keeps you well and adds to a successful, long and happy life. It is up to you.
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